Mineral Make-up On the Go

This post is not about sunscreen or mineral make-up per se, but I feel I should start with a quick introduction of the two.

If you have ever opened a beauty magazine, or talked to an esthetician or dermatologist, you know that sunscreen is crucial to good skincare. I know some girls who like a little sun on their cheeks, but just grab some self-tanner and wear your sunscreen, everyday, no matter what. So this is where mineral make-up enters the picture.

Good mineral make-up is made-up almost exclusively of minerals, the two major ingredients usually consisting of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Coincidentally those two play a major role in sun-protection. On this post, my only advice about which mineral make-up to use is to check the ingredients. If talc figures into the ingredient description, then you are being ripped off. Talc is just powder and has none of the protective qualities of true mineral make-up. But this is for another post at another time...

At one of my former workplaces we carried Jane Iredale mineral make-up but were constantly approached by other product reps giving out samples. During my time at this particular office, we were happy with old Jane and did not decide to switch. But I did enjoy all the free samples from those other companies. My favorite was IS clinical's portable mineral make-up. It was so handy to carry in my purse and reapply when I felt I needed more sunscreen. (I did use it primarily as a sunscreen, rather than everyday make-up.) Eventually it ran out and I debated tracking down a spa that sold it to buy a replacement, but eventually just bought more of my favorite Bare Escentuals color. The thing is, most mineral make-ups come in loose form, in a jar. I do think that is beneficial for even coverage and extended usage, but not exactly portable.

Then I saw Sephora's refillable powder brush for $22! Now I have the option of which make-up I want to make portable. I do also recommend IS clinicals brush, although I do think it is a little pricier and I do prefer the colors and grade of other make-ups in that price-range. I also saw that Neutrogena's mineral make-up comes in this portable form. I haven't checked their ingredient list so I don't want to make a hard recommendation there, but it is nice to know that there is that as a possible economic option.

Another choice for you thriftier gals is to buy a cheaper powder, such as the one found at drugstores by the brand "Jane." Last summer I was looking for an inexpensive line to use for a darker color, strictly for the summer months, and didn't want to pay for the more expensive line. I perused the drugstore line's ingredient lists and as of last summer, found Jane's to be a higher concentration of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, as well as more pure minerals than most of the other brands. And I think it costs like 4 bucks.

Anyway, this post is really just a recommendation for making your mineral make-up portable for the best sun protection. And Sephora's brush offers you freedom of choice, if you don't want to pick just one brand.


the little darlings said...

hey, i saw an infomercial about "sheer cover" mineral makeup. have you heard of it? just wanted to get your opinion. supposedely it covers better that bare essuntuals but i thought i'd ask. i could find it on sephora.com.

the little darlings said...

I mean i COULDN'T find at on sephora

sterlingandbrandi said...

I haven't heard of it. I have to say that I haven't noticed a huge difference between the higher quality brands, but I know that there is crazy camouflage make-up that covers ANYTHING but is usually more like pancake make-up than mineral make-up. I am usually skeptical of any and all hype.